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About Me

I have worked in the U.S. and Asia in banking, venture capital and private equity. I have co-founded companies in the healthcare and education sectors. I studied Finance, Information Systems and Computer Science Engineering in college.

I typically write about investing, business strategy, economics, technology and China. I read about a much wider range of topics. I try to be objective. I am in a never-ending quest to seek worldly wisdom and understand how things work — expanding the toolbox of skills and mental models that I can put to good use in business, investing, and life. I am here because I learn by writing and talking to smart people about the topics I am interested in.

I was born and spent the first 18 years of my life in central New Jersey. In middle school, I was known as the kid that actually liked the New Jersey Nets. I am still a big fan and you can often find me at Barclays Center. My wife and I have three children and if we are not in Lower Manhattan, you can probably find us in Taiwan.

I like to travel and and always bring my camera. I will occasionally post some of the photos here.

This is a photo of Park Avenue facing south towards the old Pan Am building taken by my Dad in June 1970, a couple years after he immigrated to the U.S.


I may occasionally write about companies that I have invested in the past or are currently invested in. None of my content on Substack should be construed as financial or investment advice. I may own directly or indirectly through funds that I manage, stock in companies that are mentioned or referred to in my answers. I may purchase more or sell shares at any given point in time.

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